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TOTAL 是一家法國石油公司,是目前世界六大石油公司之一。
TOTAL 同時也是一家大規模化學品生產商。該公司總部位於法國巴黎附近的庫爾貝瓦拉德芳斯區。 創立於1924年 (資料來源: Wiki)

TOTAL 機油的五大功能

資料來源: http://www4.total.fr/lubrifiants/elf/Car%20oil.pdf


Discover the 5 main functions of engine oils:
  1. Engine protection: protect the engine against wear and corrosion, ensuring longer engine life.
  2. Fuel efficiency: reduce friction between the moving parts, increasing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.
  3. Engine cleanliness: remove impurities to the oil filter, achieving engine cleanliness and preventing it from serious damage.
  4. Improved performances: seal space between the piston and cylinder optimizing engine performances and efficiency.
  5. Stabilized temperature: cool the engine, preventing energy loss and engine deterioration.

TOTAL QUARTZ, Keep your engine younger for longer
Discover in our advertising video below how your car can be powered thanks to ART (Age Resistance Technology)

TOTAL QUARTZ, approved by F1 champions
When it comes to motorsports, TOTAL has won it all. But more than an outstanding number of victories, competition is the laboratory for TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils.
  • TOTAL, a F1 champion
Did you know that TOTAL won almost half of the F1 titles awarded in the last 26 years? Involved in Formula 1 since 1968, Total counts more than 200 victories in championship. We are also proud of our 27 world titles, with 8 out of 16 during the past 9 years.This simply makes our engine oil Total Quartz one of the most awarded lubricants in Formula 1 recent history.
  • A laboratory for automotive lubricants
Total Motorsport Research & Development team is the same team that conceives and engineers Total Quartz lubricants. This means Total Quartz engine oils benefit from the advanced innovations and know-how developed in competition, providing unique advantages to drivers around the world.
Discover more how our Motorsports involvement helps us to develop TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils, the best oils for your car:

Find below the best TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil for your car:
- Synthetic technology and anti-pollution engine oils: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO oils
  • Specially formulated for petrol engines and for diesel engines with or without particles filters.
- Oils qualified as “Low SAPS synthetic technology” oils.
  • Optimum performance with specific Low SAPS formulations for all recent engines, whether or not equipped with anti-pollution system.
- Synthetic engine oils: TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 oils.
  • Best engine performance and highest levels of protection. Extended oil change intervals. Suitable for recent gasoline engine and diesel engine without FAP.
- Synthetic based engine oils: TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 oils.
  • Driving comfort. Improved engine protection.
- Improved mineral engine oils: TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 oils.
  • For older and more recent vehicles.Standard oil change intervals and use.
- Mineral engine oils: TOTAL QUARTZ 4000 oils (API SM) and TOTAL QUARTZ 3000 oils (API SJ)
  • For older cars. Shorter oil change intervals.
- Mineral engine oils with only API and ACEA homologations: TOTAL CLASSIC oils
A TOTAL CLASSIC oil is the best motor oil for older cars

資料來源: http://www.lubricants.total.com/consumers/lube-solutions-for-cars/our-engine-oil.html
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